Training Solutions from Hyde Park Partners

Maximize your chance of winning!

Provide your team with the skills they need, the skills that make a difference.

Our training gives your team practice in developing the four essentials of persuasion:

  • Persuasive structure to match the way decision maker's think
  • Client-centered content instead of self-centered marketing fluff
  • Compelling value backed up by provable differentiators
  • Clear language in both speaking and writing

And it works! A survey of dozens of our clients found that on average their win rates improved 39% when they applied the skills we teach.

Every training program is customized to your needs. We use your examples and incorporate practical exercises from your industry.

And each course is taught by Dr. Tom Sant, named one of the ten best sales trainers in the world by Selling Power.

Our training is based on the world's most advanced research into adult learning. Drawing on the published research of Nobel Prize winner Carl Wieman, we have constructed training that transfers knowledge quickly and transforms it into actionable behavior.

Here are some of the classes we have designed and delivered for clients recently:

  • Winning on Value
  • How to Write a Killer Executive Summary
  • The Perfect Pitch: How to Deliver a Winning Message in Person
  • Wider, Deeper, Bigger: How to Sell to the C-Suite and Expand Your Deals

Let's discuss your training needs!