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Preview Video of Tom Sant
Dr. Tom Sant

"One of the ten best sales trainers in the world."
Selling Power Magazine

Tom Sant is a world-recognized expert in effective selling and persuasive communication. Drawing on research from psychology and cognitive linguistics, this best-selling author and successful entrepreneur delivers customized messages that produce results immediately. 

Creative. Entertaining. Relevant. What do you want for your next sales meeting? If you're looking for a unique combination of high-value content, detailed customization of the message, and a rollicking good time, then you want Dr. Tom. A former stand-up comic, college professor, and CEO of a software corporation, he delivers a one-of-a-kind blend of humor and research-based insights to get the right points across.

Is he really that good? Well, consider this: He was the top-rated speaker at Microsoft global conferences in Atlanta, Anaheim, and Sidney. He was the top-rated speaker at the AMA Sales Leadership Conference in Las Vegas.  He was the top-rated speaker at the Colorado Consultant's Forum sponsored by Kaiser Permanente, and at Kaiser's National Sales Meeting. But take a look at the video clip and judge for yourself.

What about content? Dr. Tom focuses on practical ideas that are quick and easy to apply, ideas that can have an immediate impact on your bottom line: The four components of successful persuasion. Three steps to a winning case studies. Seven questions you must answer to deliver a client-focused sales message. Four ways to differentiate your services.

"I have attended a lot of sales training and marketing courses. Without question, Tom Sant delivered the most informative, detailed, relevant, and enjoyable presentation I have ever attended."
Peter Rosenwald
Managing Director -- Chartered Developments UK

"Tom's presentation exceeded our expectations. He has transformed the way we approach customers and
the results have been spectacular."
Elizabeth Thiele
Senior Vice President, Sales - ICON Clinical Research

"Tom Sant is
America's foremost expert on writing winning sales proposals."
The American Management Association

"Tom Sant's presentations are fascinating, clear, and definitely practical. You can translate his ideas into profits -- and you will, too, because it's just plain nuts not to!"

Jay Conrad Levinson, the Father of Guerrilla Marketing

Presentation topics:

"Driving Waste Out of Sales"
Work faster? Work smarter? This presentation shows you how to harness cutting-edge technology with old-fashioned common sense to sell more efficiently and more effectively. Your business will get the biggest possible ROI when sales people do the right things in the right ways. The result: more wins--faster!

"The Four Ideas that Revolutionized Selling"
Four core ideas revolutionized professional sales early in the twentieth century. They remain just as relevant and effective today. It's time to go back to the fundamentals so we can keep winning in the future.

"Winning by a NOSE"
This presentation covers the seven questions you must answer to develop a client-centered sales message every time, then shows you how to structure that message to win more business. (Hint: starting out with your company history isn't part of the winning formula.)

"The Value Proposition: Show Me the Money!"
People don't buy products, they buy impact. They want to know what makes you different and whether those differentiators add any value. This presentation shows the difference between a true value proposition, one that motivates the customer to buy, and a generic marketing claim. And it shows you how to use the differentiators that support your specific value propositions the best all the way from initial contact through final proposal.

"What Language Do You Speak?"

Get rid of the Fluff, Guff, Geek and Weasel.  Those languages don't work!  To sell effectively we need to communicate clearly. In this hilarious overview of the best and worst in sales messaging--both written and spoken--Tom provides you with tips for improving your win ratio by improving the way you communicate.

"The Seven Deadly Sins of the Sales Proposal"
Here are the worst mistakes sales people make in their sales proposals. More importantly, here's how to avoid them and what to do instead. Filled with hilarious examples of mistakes that everyone recognizes, this presentation also focuses on what really matters in delivering a persuasive message--regardless of the format.

"Selling the Decision Point: Why the Inuit Hunt Whales"

The moment of truth in sales occurs when the customer makes a decision. Recent research into the decision making process has revealed seven specific decision heuristics that everyone uses. Understanding these processes and how to influence them will increase your win ratio and shorten your sales cycle.

Best of all: Tom will customize a message specifically for your meeting!

Persuasive Business Proposals and The Giants of Sales
The Language of Success

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