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Hyde Park Partners provides solutions based on 20 years of success plus research into cognitive linguistics and psychology.  Our goal is to help you and your sales team deliver
the right message in the right way to maximize your success.  Does it work? Absolutely!
  • One of the world's largest consulting firms has used Hyde Park Partners to improve executive summaries, past performance qualifications, and bid strategy, winning over $5 billion in government contracts over the past four years. 
  • We helped one of the world's largest property management firms increase win rates from 37% to 64% and generate an additional $52 million in revenue over the past 18 months.
  • For one of the world's largest banks, Hyde Park Partners created sales messages on core business, increasing the win ratio from 19% to 61%
  • For a global high tech firm, Hyde Park Partners wove a compelling value proposition and key differentiators into sales presentations that led to success in a tough new market.

hyde park partners can help you capture more business and sell your products, services, and projects more successfully. We provide the consulting services to help clients succeed by improving their sales processes, proposals, and presentations:

Sales process improvement

  • Benchmarking current performance
    How well is your sales team executing? How do they compare to others in the industry?

  • Selecting the right sales methodology for your markets
    Different sales methods work better in different environments.  We can help you choose the best process for your specific sales situation.

  • Assessing and selecting high-performers for your sales team
    If your sales people don't have a the right traits, they'll never be successful in sales.  All the training in the world won't help. We can help you assess your current sales force and potential hires to determine if they have what it takes to be successful.

  • Qualifying deals to drive out waste
    Poor qualification results in more wasted time than any other factor in the typical sales process. We can design a simple, effective qualification screener for your sales team to help them focus on the deals that are most likely to close.
  • Presenting to win
    Sales people need a unique set of presentation skills. Emphasizing platform skill and formal presentations doesn't help them, because 90% of the time they're presenting to just one or two other people.  We offer a unique program of presentation skills, including videotaped feedback, to improve professionalism and increase wins.

Gaining a competitive edge

  • Designing and developing tactical marketing programs
    Many raditional forms of marketing are no longer effective. But do you have low-cost, effective programs in place to maintain awareness and generate leads? We can help you design and execute tactical marketing programs that work.

  • Identifying your key differentiators
    Believe it or not, most companies can not identify their key differentiators. In a two-day workshop, we can help you and your team identify your key differentiators, the evidence to support them, and the most effective way to use them.

  • Offering a compelling value proposition
    Most buyers seek value.  Can your sales team frame a compelling value proposition that's right for each opportunity?  Can they back it up with evidence?  We can put the tools in their hands that make that job esy.

Writing winning proposals

  • Establishing a world-class proposal operation
    Is your proposal team working at peak efficiency and effectiveness? We can create the blueprints you need to build a more successful operation.

  • Identifying customer needs
    Are your sales people able to identify customer needs and articulate them in a proposal? Do they effectively link your proposed solutions to those needs? We have proven, step-by-step processes to identify, define, and incorporate the customer's needs into each proposal.

  • Creating a winning Executive Summary...in 30 minutes!
    It sounds impossible, but we can teach your sales people and proposal team how to write a winning Executive Summary, getting it done in just 30 minutes.  In fact, we've done it hundreds of times. 

  • Developing compelling win themes and value propositions
    Offer compelling value or the customer will buy on price. That's true in every industry. We can help you identify your differentiators, link them to specific win themes, and use them to communicate a compelling value proposition.

  • Conducting win/loss reviews and lessons learned briefings
    You can't improve if you don't know what's working and what isn't. We can add objectivity and thoroughness to your win/loss process and transform insights into action.

  • Designing and delivering winning oral proposals
    Often a great proposal must be followed by a great presentation. We have worked with dozens of companies to help them improve their oral proposals and sales presentations.

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