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Persuasive Business Proposals
2nd Edition
It's the all-time best selling book on proposal writing, now in a completely updated second edition. Persuasive Business Proposals revolutionized the way sales proposals are written. Adopted by major corporations around the world, it spells out step-by-step how to improve your win ratio by delivering your message more effectively.

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The Language of Success

Words have power. Used effectively, they can enhance your success. Used ineptly, words can cause incredible damage. In The Language of Success, Tom Sant shows you how to get rid of the Fluff, Guff, Geek and Weasel so you how to write e-mails, letters, memos, reports, appraisals, and proposals-clearly, concisely, and effectively.

The Giants of Sales Order . . .
The Giants of Sales
Sales theories come and sales theories go, but nothing beats learning from the original masters. The Giants of Sales introduces readers to the techniques developed by four legendary sales giants, and offers concrete examples of how and why they still work in the 21st century. Part history and part how-to, The Giants of Sales gives you practical, real-world techniques based on the time-tested wisdom of true sales masters.

Persuasive Business Proposals and The Giants of Sales
The Language of Success

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Persuasive Business Proposals The Giants of Sales Persuasive Business ProposalsThe Giants of Sales